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Mehmet KARACA was born in Aksaray on 29 July, 1980. After graduating from Kabataş High School in 1998, he attended İstanbul Kultur University, receiving full scholarship and in 2004 was awarded a LLB in Faculty of Law with the highest marks. Then, he received his LLM in Private Law from the same univesity with scholarhip and ranking first among the class of 2008. Currently, he is still attending the same university for a LLD degree through scholarship. Having completed all exams, Mr. Karaca is now working on his dissertation.
His LLM thesis, “Breaching of the Public Procurement Contracts which result from Contractor” was publised on September 2009, by Seçkin Publishing.
Some of national and international conferences which he attended and effected service are ;
 Annoucement on the topic ”Serious dissolution of conjugal community as a common cause of divorce in Turkish Law” organized by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), summer term 2003.
 “Education Programs of European Union” organized by Galatasaray University, Istanbul, 2004
 “International seminary of the International Commerce Centre Arbitration” organized by İstanbul Kültür University, Istanbul, 2008.
Also, some of the seminary works prepared by Solicitor Mr. Mehmet Karaca while his LLB and LLD education periods are ;
 Our criticism and suggestions on insufficient topics of Article 4077 which is about consumer rights.
 Establishment, parties, provisions and dissolutions of collective bargaining agreements in collective labor law.
 Conclusions of law as regards leaseholder defaults in leasing contracts.
 Legal responsibility of drawee bank as regards the issued of uncovered cheques.
 Legal responsibility arising from Supporters for fulfilment.
 Tax offences and their penalties.
 Breaching of the building Contracts which result from Contractor.
 International Arbitration Law and Its Execution.
 under the light of “Article 4686 International Arbitration Law” with “Provisions of New York Convention”
 Parties, provisions and feautures on dissolution of patent licence agreements.
 Share transfer in corporation

Attorney Mr. Mehmet Karaca, registered at the Istanbul Bar, has been practicing law since 2005 in Istanbul.
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